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    Lizzie Tulip celebrates prestigious design award

    Lizzie Tulip, owner of Lizzie Tulip Garden Design, is celebrating after achieving a prestigious York Design Award for her work at No. 2 Dalton Terrace in the centre of the city.

    The awards, now in their seventh year, aim to encourage and promote excellence in design and conservation. The awards are generally bestowed on architectural and conservation projects, which makes Lizzie’s win for her contemporary and inventive private garden an even greater achievement.

    The garden is located at the rear of a Victorian terraced property on Dalton Terrace, which was renovated in 2009 incorporating striking features such as a glass atrium with visible steelwork and brick. It was this renovation that determined Lizzie’s approach to the design of the garden.

    “I decided a contemporary look, balanced with carefully considered traditional materials, would work best with the building which had been extremely sympathetically restored but with a modern twist,” explains Lizzie.

    “My final design utilised every bit of available space within the garden, which was long and thin. I also wanted to make it as interactive, inventive and beautiful as possible whilst still complementing the style and the age of the house,” adds Lizzie.

    A bespoke fence to the front and the back of the garden, together with a new “old” brick wall, form the garden boundaries. Nearest to the house is a contemporary space, surrounded by powder coated aluminium clad planters, which is reserved for entertaining and play. This then leads down to the garden which is awash with colour, texture and scent.

    “I chose plants that had all year round interest and offered something for each of the senses. For example, we planted scented Skimmias next to the bench so that the scent can be enjoyed, the grasses and hornbeam provide height and movement, whilst flowers offer texture, colour and even more beautiful scents.”

    A glass and wooden screen, a rectangular powder coated aluminium “pergola”, custom-made stainless steel planters, a bespoke bench and slate and stainless steel bin store, all add to the architectural interest of the garden and counter balance the softness of the flowers and grasses.

    Sustainability was also a consideration throughout both the design and the build of the garden, with local craftsmen being used to create the bespoke pieces of furniture and maximising the biodiversity of the garden by sourcing native flora to encourage wildlife.

    “This was a lovely project on which to work and it is fantastic to have been recognised for my design.  I am extremely proud to have achieved this award and would like to thank the owner of the garden for allowing me the freedom to create such an exciting but peaceful space,” concludes Lizzie.

    For further information about Lizzie Tulip Garden Design please visit www.lizzietulip.com.



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