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Pro Landscaper’s Lockdown Little Interview with Bo Cook

Bo Cook, Bo Cook Landscape & Garden Design


So you’re self-isolating…who’s your favourite person to be locked up with? My 2 girls. I have a 7 and a 21 year old, and although both their needs are VERY different, we are just about swimming along smoothly. It has been reassuring that we have not imploded yet! The small one has attended many of my industry Zoom meetings! As has the dog! It is our #NewNormal!

Name one thing that’s changed about your daily routine that you’re going to take forward after lockdown’s over? Working in my PJs! No, seriously, sitting in my garden more. We have spent a lot of time watching the birds and I am quite bonded with them! Those few moments here and there have been great recharging opportunities.

How many cups of tea/coffee are you now drinking per day? Too many! And please don’t ask how much wine…’No Comment’!

What do you miss most about life before lockdown? My friends. And face-to-face communication. We are social creatures and I think there will be quite a lot of sadness and mental health issues as a result of social distancing.

DIY vs gardening – which wins? Gardening of course!

What time is wine o’clock? 10 am (delete delete) …depends when those Zoom meetings start in the afternoon/evening. Sometimes 5, sometimes 6. I aim for 6 like before.

When working from home is your background choice radio/tv/silence? Spotify is on a lot.

In hindsight, what would you have prepared in advance (ie food/diy products etc)? As I am homeschooling and running my business, I have no spare time to do anything for myself. I am glad I didn’t buy paint as I would just feel I failed to achieve that activity. Maybe a dining table for the garden. We would be out more working and eating if I had done that. The low coffee table doesn’t quite work in the same way!

Is the government doing a good job of keeping you informed? The industry bodies are doing a better job.

What’s your predicted date for return to normality? September. And then I don’t believe it will be fully ‘normal’.

Best new follow on social media? None in particular. We are trying to learn our garden birdsong so we are spending our screen time watching and listing to YouTube videos to try to get our ears in! It is quite a challenge!

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