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    London gets world’s first green lamp posts

    Grosvenor Britain & Ireland is piloting a world first scheme in London’s Belgravia aimed at reducing air pollution, improving urban biodiversity, evapotranspiration cooling and noise reduction.
    Six lamp posts on the company’s Belgravia estate will be retro-fitted with green columns incorporating a range of vegetation able to promote biodiversity, purify the air and provide an attractive focal point on the street.
    The Smart Pillar™, which has been developed by The Scotscape Group and Greenwich University, takes the concept of ‘vertical greening’, as seen on living walls, one step further:
    • Retro fitting lamp posts to make best use of existing street furniture to improve the environment – physically and aestheticall
    • Providing a range of attractive and multi-purpose foliage including plants that can purify and cool air, reduce noise pollution and encourage biodiversity
    • Benefitting from a smart design that:
    • Can be easily installed to existing lamp posts without damaging them
    • Requires minimum maintenance and therefore on street disruption
    • Recirculates water, reducing wastage
    • Self-powers the irrigation system through solar panels embedded in design
    The environmental impact of the lamp posts will be monitored through a recently installed air quality monitor on Ebury Street through Grosvenor’s participation in the London Air Quality Network, run by Kings College London. Grosvenor has committed to creating a significant net biodiversity gain in its portfolio by 2030 and in the last five years has invested in over 240 biodiversity features on its London estate including green roofs, bee hives, park lets, habitat hotels, bat and bird boxes.
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