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Nearly 90% of teenage park users are males, finds Make Space for Girls

by | 27 Sep 23 | Commercial Landscaping, News, Supplier News

Make Space for Girls has released the results of its Parkwatch Report September 2023 which looks at the diversity of those using their local parks.

The Parkwatch project took place between 27 and 29 May 2023. Participants were asked to fill in an online form asking them to look at the teenage facilities in their local park and count how many teenagers were using them, identifying their genders.

Research shows that 88% of the teenagers using these facilities were boys, whilst for multi-use games areas 92% was male and for skate parks or BMX tracks, 84% were male. Only 15% of teenagers using park facilities were girls.

Make Space for Girls also surveyed the provision for teenagers and young people in over 91 councils across the country.

Results found that the facilities dominated by boys also dominate the park landscape; 90% of the facilities are used by boys and young men.

“Knowing just how big this gender gap is means that the need for change can’t be ignored any longer. Councils and developers have to create more inclusive spaces and bring the voices of teenage girls into the design process across the UK,” says Make Space for Girls.

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