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Making BNG “quick, affordable, and hassle-free” with Joe’s Blooms

by | 27 Mar 24 | Long Reads, Nature & Biodiversity, News

Tech start-up Joe’s Blooms has today launched the world’s first digital tool to help SME property developers and landscapers comply with the new mandatory biodiversity net gain (BNG) regulations set to roll next month for smaller developments.

The Biodiversity Net Gain Tool, developed in partnership with UKGBC and UKHab, is designed to be “easy to use and intuitive to understand,” says Joe’s Blooms founder, Oliver Lewis CBE.

Working to “streamline the BNG process” by producing all site-specific data and legal documents needed by developers to secure planning permission under the scheme “in minutes”.

This includes producing “best-in-class Biodiversity Gain Plans (BGP) guaranteed to be fully compliant with the Environment Act 2021”, of which the new legislation falls under.

As well as all supplementary documents required to submit planning applications to a Local Planning Authority (LPA) “namely a completed Biodiversity Metric calculation and Ordnance Survey-powered maps.”

Lewis goes on to say how the tool is designed to guide users through all parts of the statutory process, whilst allowing them to see their BNG score change in real-time.


Using the Biodiversity Net Gain Tool in four steps:


“First, a user uploads their site-specific information to the Tool and the platform instantly identifies which rules apply to the site and what the user needs to do to comply.

“Second, the intuitive web app and its purpose-built GIS tools make it easy to prepare and collate all the relevant data, allowing users to compare different options for a project, assess impact and costs, and find the BNG solution that works for them.

“Third, once a user finds a solution that works for them, the Tool produces a fully compliant BGP ready for submission to your LPA.

“And finally, users can update site details at any time and the Tool will automatically produce new documents and metric sheets aligned with any amendments.”


How will the BNG Tool benefit SME developers and landscapers?


The digital solution is designed to make BNG “quick, affordable, and hassle-free”, says Lewis, whilst guiding developers through the process end-to-end.

Designed to help smaller developers avoid potential delays incurred from the legislation’s introduction.

“This means developers will be able to build the homes and infrastructure we need whilst also fuelling nature recovery across England, creating greener neighbourhoods that are more attractive places to live, work, and do business.”

Research from Joe’s Blooms shows that BNG will create over 23,5000 football pitches worth of natural habitat every year, which in turn could absorb up to 650,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide every year.

“Unlocking these benefits, without creating unmanageable burdens, will rely on everyone working together to develop efficient and effective implementation practices.”

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