• New MM4 wet sump 4-stroke, low emissions engine
  • Line trimmer, hedge trimmer, pole saw and cultivator options
  • Quick fitment of alternative attachments

Makita’s new high-technology 4-stroke MM4 engine is the heart of the latest EX2650LH split shaft brush cutter that can be fitted with four useful optional attachments. This versatile grounds care machine is ideal for maintenance contractors, major property owners and tool hire operations.

The latest version of the 4-stroke Makita MM4 engine bristles with design innovations that deliver more horsepower, more torque and more reliability than the same capacity 2-stroke motor whilst at the same time dramatically reducing exhaust emissions, cutting fuel consumption, lowering noise and limiting vibration.

Technically the Makita MM4 is a very advanced design. Importantly for reliability and long service intervals the MM4 has a patented pressurised lubrication system. The wet sump has a baffled pick-up, and the crankcase pressure generated by the piston movement is harnessed to pump the lubricant around the oil galleries through a series of non-return valves.  This pressurised oil system means that the brush cutter can be used at any angle without oil starvation damaging the engine.

4-stroke internal combustion engines deliver their muscle power, or torque, over a much wider engine speed range whereas a noisy 2-stroke needs to run at maximum rpm to generate performance. This more controlled engine speed also slashes fuel consumption as the engine does not need to run at maximum throttle all the time. Fuel consumption can be 40% less than an equivalent capacity 2-stroke; with ever increasing fuel costs this becomes even more attractive. By saving the high cost of the oil additive required for a 2-stroke engine, and the lower consumption, overall running costs can be as much as 60% lower over a three year period.

Exhaust emissions can be between 55% and 80% lower from the MM4 engine, the 4-stroke principle enables clean-burn cylinder combustion ensuring the unleaded fuel, without oil additive, is totally ignited for maximum energy and non-polluting exhaust output. This engine easily meets the ever more stringent emission regulations around the world including the USA and the EU Stage 3 where the 24.5cc engine emissions level is nearly 50% below the regulation standard. Lower running revs also means less vibration is generated, protecting the operator from the risks of HAV.

The new Makita EX2650LH split shaft brush cutter has a fuel tank capacity of 0.6 litres and, thanks to the compact and lightweight MM4 engine, weighs just 4.6kg. An ergonomically designed loop handle with rubberised soft grip gives comfortable control of the tool. The throttle and on/off control is conveniently placed in the rear handle and a lever-style lock system allows for quick and easy fitment of the alternative attachments. The shaft tube of the attachments simply slides into the shaft tube of the motor drive unit and the drive shaft automatically mates with that of the attachment. The hedge trimmer head will rotate through 90° for top hedging.  The two rotor cultivator is ideal for fast preparation of seedbed soils.

This rugged Makita EX2650 package is ideal for rental operations where a customer can utilise all five attachments during the hire period.

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