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·Low noise, zero emissions
·New mower, chainsaw, cultivator and line trimmer
·18v and 14.4v machines also introduced

The Makita Outdoor Power Equipment range of cordless horticultural tools is expanding rapidly as the performance, manoeuverability and technical attributes are continuously assessed and measured. Improved quiet-operation and zero emissions become ever more necessary particularly where operations have to be carried out in close proximity to members of the public, such as public spaces, resorts, schools and hospital and residential areas. The noise generated by a high revving 2-stroke line trimmer, for instance, can be intrusive in these locations.

The new Makita LM430 cordless lawnmower has a 36v Lithium-ion battery which powers a 580watt motor that will run the 430mm two edge blade at up to 3,600rpm without load. Recharge time is just 60 minutes although if the owner has two of the popular 18v Li-ion batteries from other Makita power tools these can be coupled together by an optional converter for use in this model.

The Makita LM430 has 13 cutting height settings between 20mm and 75mm. Cutting height is adjusted by a single lever conveniently placed on the deck panel. Operator comfort benefits from the ergonomic design of the low-angled handles which give complete control of this lightweight, 18kg machine for steerage and backward movement. The handle folds for ease of transport and for compact storage where the mower can be stood on the flat rear end taking just a small amount of storage space in a domestic garage or garden shed. Carry handles are conveniently moulded into the casing for easy loading.

The motor control is a simple grip bar just forward of the rear grip handle which is squeezed towards the grip handle for starting. The motor and blades stop immediately the switch bar is released. The Makita LM430 mower runs off ball bearing axles for smooth movement. A safety lock key must be removed before any adjustment, inspection, cleaning or servicing is carried out and it is recommended that the battery is also removed for these operations and for storage.

The New Makita UC250DZ chainsaw also uses the 36v Li-ion battery, or two 18v plus converter. With a useful bar length of 25cm and nose sprocket for chain running accuracy, this new cordless chainsaw uses a 3/8” pitch chain running at 8.3metres per second. It features the Makita tool less adjustment system, automatic chain oiling system and left hand chain brake. Weighing just 4.5kg this chainsaw is ideal for pruning in all horticultural operations.

The Makita UK360 cordless cultivator is ideally suited to maintenance activities in municipal areas, commercial glasshouse operations and grounds care activities. The 720watt motor powers the 35cm wide, 24.5cm diameter C-type tines for deep tilling. Axle speed is 85rpm. Transport wheels can be folded up and locked easily during operation. The handles have three adjustable positions for operator comfort and safety.

The 36v cordless Makita BUR360 bent shaft line trimmer has a cutting diameter of 30cms and two speeds, low up to 4,900rpm and high up to 6,000rpm. The two-speed selector and variable speed trigger control is conveniently positioned on the rear handle grip. A reverse selection is available to clear clippings from the line head. The forward D handle gives full control to this lightweight line trimmer. Whilst the spinning line head will generate some noise the virtually silent running motor makes this the quietest possible line trimmer for use in sensitive environments such as hospital grounds or schools.

The Makita OPE cordless range has been further extended with additional 18v and 14.4v machines including hedge trimmers with 52cm double action blades that will cut through 15mm thick branches, run up to 1,350 strokes per minute and can be recharged in just 22 minutes. These new hedge trimmers have a vibration absorbing handle mount that limits the HAV risks for operators. 18v and 14.4v versions of the hand-held grass shears are now Li-ion powered with 16cm cut and 1,250 strokes per minute. A base frame can be adjusted between 10mm and 30mm depth of cut and keeps the shears level with the ground surface for the smoothest cut. The BUR181 and BUR141 cordless line trimmers feature single cord bump and feed line control, a cutting width of 26cm and a cutting head that can be adjusted into five angled positions to best suit the application. The telescopic pipe shaft can also be adjusted in length from 1,150mm to 1,330mm.

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