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Makita pumps used at RHS Chelsea Flower Show

The 10th Welcome to Yorkshire garden at RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2019, designed by multi award-winner Mark Gregory, features an authentically built canal with flowing water and genuine canal lock gates. A massive volume of water will be circulated by several Makita submersible water pumps. They will ensure the towpath, lock keepers lodge and, importantly, RHS Chelsea’s Main Avenue remains safe, dry and disaster-free.
This garden is inspired by Yorkshire’s history of industry, manufacturing and innovation. It is also inspired by the county’s unrivalled natural environment and green spaces. The working canal has two gates and a bypass sluice system that runs alongside a perennial meadow. The planting will celebrate the rich diversity of native flora typically abundant in Yorkshire.
This will be the 99th garden Mark has worked on at this prestigious, internationally renowned show.
No less than ten Makita PF1110 submersible pumps will push the flow of water in the Welcome to Yorkshire garden. Each pump will deliver a minimum of 250l of water per minute from a submersion depth of 5m, to a max head height of 10m.
These pumps have a stainless steel body making them suitable for draining muddy water, wells and tanks. They are also ideal for lifting water for irrigation. Each pump weighs 7kg, has an input wattage of 1100w and is available in 240V only.
Mark Earles, Business Development Manager OPE, Makita UK says:
“Submersible pumps are among the most efficient options available when it is necessary to pump liquid from a large body of water”
“Submersible pumps are submerged within the water and push water to the surface. Our pumps will do a great job pushing almost 150,000l of water per hour throughout the duration of the five-day Show”
For more information on the Welcome to Yorkshire garden click here.
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