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    Makita’s new DAB jobsite radio sounds even better

    The latest version of Makita’s very popular jobsite radio features the DAB digital broadcast system and with twin large 76mm diameter speakers will generates a massive 3.5watts from each speaker when powered by a Makita 18v Lithium-Ion battery. This radio can be mains powered with the AC adaptor jack built in, but most practically for site use, will happily operate on most of the Makita batteries from the 7.2v and 10.8v Li-ion stick batteries to the 10.8v, 14.4v and popular 18v slide type batteries. It is not compatible with the older Ni-Cad, Ni-MH or G-series batteries.

    The new Makita DMR109 DAB radio with digital tuning has an FM frequency range of 87.5 – 108Mhz and uses the Band 111 5A – 13F frequency band. The tuner has a bright, clear and easy-to-read LED display and the flexible antenna can be removed for storage in the battery cover.

    The proven, robust housing has strong elastomer bumpers on front and back for protection against rough handling. The soft grip handle folds flat down against the body in use. A micro USB port is provided for software upgrades and an AUX-IN jack enables external audio source to be played through this radio.

    Weighing just 4.6kg this rugged and powerful DAB radio is weather proofed to IP64 standards and available in either white or blue body colours.

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