Landscaping and gardening businesses marketing strategies

Professional landscaping and gardening businesses have always been popular. After all, green spaces are attractive additions to any setting, from shopping areas and business districts to parks and nature reserves.

Last year saw a surge in interest in gardening, with millions of UK residents searching online for what they could grow at home during lockdown. Suddenly, small gardening businesses were seeing interest like never before, and demand soared.

As a landscape or gardening business owner, you may well have encountered this new customer base. But now, almost a year on, you might be wondering where to go next with your marketing tactics. What are the best ways to showcase your services?

If you’re thinking about your marketing strategy for the coming year, read on. Here, you’ll find tips and advice about how to approach promoting your business to both new and established customers.

Build your brand

Whether you’ve been established for a while and you’re ready for a rebrand or you’re a new business and want to build your name in the industry, one of the first things you need to consider when planning your marketing strategy is how you appear to potential customers.

It’s worth taking the time to see what you have and work out where you want your branding to end up. Are you happy with your logo? What are your brand colours? Do you have a recognisable tone of voice that you use in your current communications and advertising? You’ll need to think about the audience that your marketing materials will reach, and branding is key to this.

Even if you’re a relatively small enterprise at the moment, it’s important that you take the time to think about how you want to present your business. For instance, do you specialise in corporate landscaping? If so, you’ll probably want to strike a business-like tone and overall look. Should you be a smaller gardening centre, you may want to have more relaxed branding and a less professional style.

Once you’ve got an identity that you’re happy with, it’s likely that customers will become familiar with what type of landscaping services you offer, or the gardening supplies you provide.

Offline advertising

Now that you have a brand design and tone of voice that you’re happy with, you can plan an offline advertising strategy. Put together a list of print materials and signage you’ll need.

Are you planning promotions in the coming months? Leaflet campaigns and brochures remain a direct way of getting your sales event or other offers out to your target customer base. Print specialists can often provide different services all in one place, so you can use the same company for all your offline marketing.

Also, if you’ve updated your logo, you’ll need to update the signage used on company vans, so it’s worth speaking to printers to get a quote as soon as you can. After all, your company vehicles are a simple and easy way to advertise your business.

Online strategies

The details included in your offline marketing materials will need to link back to your online marketing. Therefore, it’s worth putting time into your website. Again, if you decided to go with a rebrand, you’ll need to update your website to match the new look.

As well as a home page and contact page, think about the products and projects that you want to showcase online. If it’s possible to create an online shop, you’re well-placed for those who prefer or find it easier to buy online. Try to include keywords that customers will be using to search for your gardening or landscaping services, too, and set up social media pages to make it easier for new and existing customers to find you.

What type of marketing strategies will you introduce in 2021? Are you ready for a rebrand? Or do you need to focus on your offline marketing this year?

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