Marketing tactics to boost your landscaping business

As a landscaper with a business, no doubt you know that the costs of sourcing the materials you need and paying the overheads can be high. At first glance, marketing may seem like an additional expense, but if done well, marketing should bring the results to pay itself back.

Before you get started with your marketing strategy, make sure you are kitted out with all the specialised landscaping tools you need, such as hand saws and a leaf blower. By being prepared, you can put your best foot forward.

The importance of a marketing strategy

Marketing is a key way to pull customers in, as well as engage and inform them. If you make it worth their while and tell them the details they need to know about your business before they make a decision, you’re maximizing your chances of getting business.

Asking yourself “how, what, why, who” questions, such as “What are my goals?” and “How will I measure success?” is a good way to construct your plan.

Make a list of marketing tactics to use

Firstly, you’ll want to visualize your ideal client. This will help get you thinking in terms of what marketing strategies are going to be best for reaching them.

Then, list down specific tactics that you might want to try out. This will help you create a plan later on. Sometimes, more indirect marketing strategies are invaluable too.

Could a landscape business blog on your website work? Creating helpful content with how-to guides proves that you are the expert and can help you get ranked highly on Google, making you easier to find.

An email marketing strategy can be a great way to solicit business. Perhaps you could create free, downloadable guides and checklists that the user can access when they sign up to your mailing list, creating a two-way system by which you add value to their lives, and they potentially become a customer in the future.

Choosing your marketing channels

Prioritizing the types of marketing that your target audience is most likely to see is crucial. As a landscaper, homeowners in your local area are probably your target audience, so both offline and online marketing could be effective.

Print marketing, such as leaflets, car wraps and notices on community boards in the supermarkets and libraries nearby could all be valid ways to reach potential customers offline.

Setting listings up for your business online in spaces such as Google My Business and Yelp is also something you’ll want to consider. Local or not, many of your potential customers will visit the web as their first port of call when looking for someone to hire for a landscaping job.

What’s more, setting yourself on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram helps you build relationships with customers and show off your handiwork through images you can share.

With a plan in place, you can start testing what strategies work for your business. The more visible you can make your business, the more your marketing will start paying you back and helping your landscaping business thrive.

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