Marshalls launches Creating Safer Spaces CPD

Marshalls has launched a new CPD session exploring how to integrate design features into the public realm to improve feelings of safety. This launch comes after research that found four out of five people feel more unsafe when its dark in shared spaces.

The first Creating Safer Spaces CPD session will be held online, for one-hour, on Wednesday 1 March 2023. The sessions can be delivered virtually or in person and shares the findings of the Marshall’s white paper on the issues impacting feeling of safety or vulnerability in public spaces and the effects it has on behaviour. The session also aims to examines seven design pillars that should be considered by those responsible for the public realm, including how to create public spaces that are, as well as feel, safer for users from day through to night.

The sessions aim to tackles topics such as vision and wayfinding, the sonic environment, the use of technology, accessibility and familiarity, providing practical guidance for designers, planners and architects to readily integrate into schemes while also addressing factors such as biodiversity and ease of maintenance.

Johanna Elvidge, head of design at Marshalls, who helped develop the session, says: “The issue of public safety is a complex one that requires multi-layered solutions. Through the CPD, we explore the strategic, rounded approach needed to create open, accessible spaces where people feel seen – while ensuring they are welcoming to attract more users and improve civic pride. It’s a must-attend for anyone involved in the design and building of any public realm scheme.”

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