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MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME: A sustainable choice for landscapers

by | 11 Dec 23 | Partner Content

With climate change high on the agenda, it’s important to choose the right materials for landscaping projects that not only allows for greater creative freedom, but also meets your sustainability goals. If it’s sustainably sourced from responsibly managed forests, wood is one of the most sustainable materials on the market because it’s a natural, renewable resource. It’s also an easy material to work with.   

MEDITE SMARTPLY is renowned for adapting products and services to suit end users’ needs whilst maintaining a consistent stance on sustainability and creating environmentally conscious products that add value throughout the supply chain. All the products manufactured by MEDITE SMARTPLY use legally sourced, sustainable wood and are fully FSC certified. This offers greater peace of mind to those working towards more sustainable projects. One such panel that offers landscapers and gardeners great versatility and peace of mind is the ground-breaking MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME (MTX).

MTX is a revolutionary panel that provides the ideal solution for a wide range of outdoor applications. It’s a high performance engineered wood panel that demonstrates outstanding durability and dimensional stability. This allows it to be used in applications once limited to products such as concrete, plastics or metals. 

This innovative panel has a guarantee of up to 50 years above ground and 25 years in ground, making it an ideal product for long-lasting, creative designs.

 Additionally, its resistance to rot and fungal decay allows it to be used in external applications such as planters, garden buildings and decorative fixtures, which makes it a popular product for outdoor projects. It’s particularly beneficial in environments where humidity and weather are usually concerns – ideal for landscapers.

Photo by Timberbox Ltd – garden building

One of the most elaborate examples of its use was at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2022. MTX was used to create the incredible centrepiece of the award winning MEDITE SMARTPLY Building the Future garden, which was inspired by natural vertical rock strata, and was designed by the show’s most decorated designer, Sarah Eberle.

For more information on MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME, visit

Lots of inspiration can be found on the exclusive MEDITE MDF community site Landscapers and garden designers who join can share work, gain inspiration, and win prizes that will enable the user to build bigger and better with MDF. Sign up and receive a free gift.


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