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Meet the headline partner for the Pro Landscaper Business Awards 2024

by | 13 Mar 24 | Partner Content, Supplier News

Headline partner for the Pro Landscaper Business Awards since 2022 and category partner before that, Caribbean Blinds has been involved with the awards since 2020.

“The landscape sector is an important sector for our business. More of our pergolas make it to market through this sector than any other, so alongside the obvious brand recognition, it’s a great way for us to give back to an industry which generously designs and incorporates our pergolas into their innovative schemes and trusts and promotes our brand,” says managing director, Stuart Dantzic.

As a business that is continuously striving for excellence, the Pro Landscaper Business Awards promote exactly that.

Not just the companies who design great schemes but are forward-thinking who continually invest in their people, processes, equipment, and technology to be the very best that they can be. “There is a perfect synergy, and this is why we continue to support and sponsor these vital awards for the industry,” says Dantzic.

With a focus on its business practices and values, Caribbean Blinds is determined to set itself apart from the crowd.

Building the best products that combine style with comfort and functionality and that are built to stand the test of time, it is customer focused, acting with honesty and integrity, communicating clearly and efficiently, meeting, and exceeding expectations.

At Caribbean Blinds, Dantzic obsess over the details. His team are craftsmen who take pride and are proud of what they produce, which they do with the highest level of care. “The team are passionate and enthusiastic, part of the family, working together with enthusiasm and dedication,” says Dantzic.

The team are the most important element of any business. Without them, Dantzic says, Caribbean Blinds wouldn’t be able to produce some of the UK’s finest external shading systems. “It’s not only important that our team are well remunerated but that we have a comprehensive offering that goes beyond salary to support them, from health and well-being to reward and recognition.”

Continuously innovating its products to enhance lifestyles and also save energy, Caribbean Blinds create spaces where people love to be and aim to build the most desirable brand for external shading in the UK, investing more than ever to drive product and brand awareness across all media, subsequently helping to bolster sales for our trade installers.

On top of this, Dantzic is also planning on training more installers than ever, having just released 168 spots on its Installer Training Academy, which provides real hands-on experience on how to correctly survey, install, commission and maintain our products. With an exclusive offer for especially for the Pro Landscaper Business Awards, get 50% off training booked up until 30 April 2024 with code PLBA24.

Louvered Pergolas and External Blinds & Awnings

What would you say to anyone looking to enter the Pro Landscaper Business Awards?
“Do it! You never know, you may win.
“It’s amazing all the things that businesses do, but don’t realise at the time. When you start to write up an award entry, you realise just how much you have done and accomplished. So, whilst the process of applying may seem daunting, once you get started, you’ll find your flow and there’s a really good feeling about seeing how much your business has progressed and what you do in pursuit of excellence.
“There has never been a better time to enter these awards, with consumers demanding more reasons than ever to purchase from you, wanting to be assured of the quality of both your product and service, entering and being shortlisted – or even better winning an award – can be a differentiator and the deciding factor in winning a project.
“Being an award-winning company is great for marketing, it gives you instant credibility and kudos and helps you stand out from the crowd. And these awards are real awards, judged by credible people and based on the company as a whole rather than just a great design/scheme. You have to be in it to win it, so set aside the time to put together your entry. I hope to see you at the awards!”


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