Millboard launches new cladding collection

Millboard has launched a suite of cutting-edge cladding materials. Available in two styles (‘V Groove’ and ‘Board and Batten’) and a wide range of colours, it provides assurances of UV resistance and eliminates the risk of warping, twisting or rotting. The cladding has been hand-moulded from carefully selected natural timbers, to provide an unmistakably organic look.

A year in development, this product is designed to stand the test of time and to require minimal maintenance. The distinctive chamfered cut of the profiles enables the rain to wash the boards, dramatically reducing the need for manual cleaning.

The boards are made from a polyurethane-mineral composite and the extra-wide sizing of the boards means that the cladding can be mounted quickly. The boards can also be used internally, for feature walls and dividers. Additionally, the cladding can be mounted vertically or horizontally to suit the tastes of the architect or homeowner.

As well as providing an instant refresh to a property, the boards can also help homeowners to achieve a better energy rating. As it is made from polyurethane foam, Millboard cladding has good insulation properties and protects against extreme heat or extreme cold.

The new cladding collection marks Millboard’s expansion into a broader range of high-calibre home and garden products.

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