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Millions invested into rural community green spaces

by | 25 Mar 24 | Commercial Landscaping, News

Rural community green spaces across the country are set to be revitalised through the latest round of government funding worth millions of pounds, in an effort to improve access to nature.

The new Community Green Spaces Fund will provide up to £7m in funding to create, restore and enhance green spaces across the country.

Grants of up to £75,000 are being made available to help communities plant fruits, vegetables and trees, creating orchards and kitchen gardens for all to access.

As well as grants for landscaping projects that look to improve the areas around community facilities and other community green spaces through the planting of various flower species and establishment of additional raised beds.

Funding will also be awarded to support the expansion of natural play facilities which encourage children to spend more time outdoors, in addition to the projects that focus on improving access to green spaces such as new paths and seating.

The funding comes in support of the government’s ambition that no-one should live no more than a 15-minute walk from a green space, a commitment set out in the Environment Improvement Plan.

Minister for rural affairs, Robbie Moor MP says: “The Community Green Spaces Fund will build on our ambitions for rural areas, creating and enhancing valuable community facilities and green spaces at the very heart of rural communities to preserve and protect their essential character.”

An additional £5m of funding for village halls has also been announced, supporting capital improvement projects, such as building extensions and amenity improvements.

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