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Moscow’s innovative Neopolis business park now ready for tenants

A-store estates LTD is nearing completion of its reimagined vision for the 5ha Neopolis business park, to the south west of Moscow. This follows a concept review of the masterplan by independent design, environment and sustainability consultancy, LDA Design, along with UK architect David Roden Architects.

The 104,000 sq m project, in an area known as New Moscow, near the Metro extension line was resubmitted for planning to enable additional recreational and amenity uses to be incorporated within the development. Once complete it will accommodate 5,500 office workers in a complex of four nine-storey buildings and two four-storey car parks.

Following the adoption of the concept review, improvements have been made to the circulation, parking, landscape masterplan and lighting of the project as well as to the buildings’ facades.

“Neopolis will provide some of the best business park space in the Moscow region. The final masterplan now includes enhanced amenities and adds more value to companies locating there. Our designs provide a strong, unified, linear concept for the buildings’ facades and create a setting which makes the scheme more legible, with improved access and circulation,” said LDA Design director Kirk Nelson.

The vision recommended by LDA Design was inspired by the site itself. The landscape concept now progresses from a deciduous birch valley to pine woodland on the high ground to the south of the site.

The retail and amenities area covers 10 000 sq. m. at the Neopolis project. The first floors comprise retail spaces, banks, cafes, restaurants and other infrastructure spaces. The business centre provides a gym with a 25m swimming pool, art workshops for children and their parents, common meeting rooms, a conference hall, specially equipped smoking rooms and many other facilities. The top floors of the office buildings have their own terraces for employees’ recreation and events.

There are also two overground, multi-level car parks, unique for Moscow. Located between the office buildings, they provide1360 parking spaces. The rooftops of these structures allow for outdoor recreation and sports – grounds to play mini golf, badminton, tennis etc as well as zones for working-out and yoga.

“The project is close to the new Salaryevo metro station, due to open this year, as well as the M3 Kiev Highway and the Moscow ring road and is proving highly attractive to large corporate occupiers. The review, borne out of our commitment to quality and attention to detail, has delivered streamlined plans that will create a highly attractive business park. It is now letting-ready,” said Svetlana Grigoryeva, Head of Marketing at A-store estates.

Neopolis Business Park

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