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‘Multifunctional’ park approved in Ebbsfleet Garden City development

by | 27 Sep 23 | Commercial Landscaping, Landscape Architecture, News

Multifunctional park approved in Ebbsfleet Garden City development

Bellway London has secured planning permission for a ‘multifunctional’ park on its Harbour Village development in Northfleet, as part of the Ebbsfleet Garden City development.

The almost 3 ha park has been named Bevan’s Park, named after Thomas Bevan, one of the founding partners of the site’s original chalk quarry.

It will include a heritage park, celebrating the industrial history of the site, a sports pitch and footbridge, connecting Bevan’s to Chimney View, another park in the Harbour Village development.

“Bevan’s Park will be one of several open spaces at Harbour Village and will create an important, multi-functional area for both its residents and the wider community,” says Bellway Thames Gateway acting head of sales, Ed Brading.

“The heritage park section will pay tribute to the historical industrial use of the land, with flint introduced into some of the pathways. Tunnel entrances in the chalk cliff face will be preserved and celebrated as the site is opened to the public.”

More than 500 homes are included in the plans, on a site that forms part of the wider Ebbsfleet Garden City scheme.

“Securing planning permission for Bevan’s Park is a significant milestone for the both the Harbour Village development and the wider Ebbsfleet Garden City scheme.”

The scheme will see the delivery of up to 15,000 homes, a network of green corridors and 50 new parks and open spaces across 2,500 acres of previously used, brownfield land on the Kent Thames riverside.

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