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MVRDV Unveils Plans for an Underground Shopping Mall Topped With a Lush Park in Barcelona

MVRDV’s Maquinnext is how we think all shopping centres should be – underground and topped with a lush public park. Designed for Barcelona, the shopping centre is designed to provide much-needed park space along with retail and residential components. From above, passersby and residents can only see a forest, but hidden below is a network of energy-efficient commercial spaces.

Maquinnext is a proposal for a dramatic mixed-use shopping and residential development in Barcelona. At the core of the project is an open-air shopping centre designed to draw new people to the area and strengthen its economic base. As the housing market in the area grows and improves, residential towers will be phased into the construction of the project.

The highlight of the project is its strong focus on sustainable design and the addition of a new public park for the city. Topping the shopping centre is a green roof park filled with a forest of trees provide fresh clean air, a cooling effect, and recreational opportunities for nearby residents and visitors. The shops below the park will take advantage of passive solar design and daylighting. Rainwater will be collected and recycled for use within the facility, and the park will act as thermal barrier to keep the shopping centre below cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

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