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National Plants at Work Week recommends the 7 x 7 plan

‘Stay healthy and connect with nature’ is the big message from the organisers of National Plants at Work Week taking place during the week 13 – 17 July 2015.

To highlight our need to connect with nature, commuters on board one of the MBNA Thames Clippers services running from The O2 to Central London all day yesterday were treated to a touch of nature.

The boat was adorned with houseplants including this year’s Favourite Office Plant of the Year, the Medinilla magnifica also known as the Philippine orchid.

“We chose some houseplants that are often used in our office installations,” commented efig’s chairman Ian Drummond of Indoor Garden Design. “It’s a well-known fact that bringing nature indoors really helps to make us healthier, helps us to concentrate and makes us as much as 15% more productive.”

Chris Jenkin of Enterprise Plants and vice chair of efig added, “We wanted to show commuters how good they would feel starting their working day in a healthy, green environment. Some commuters start working during their journey to work, so it is also a reminder of how much indoor planting can improve the quality of their health and working environment.”

The 7 x 7 plan suggests taking just 7 minutes every day for 7 days to reconnect with nature both inside and outside of your workplace. So these commuters had already achieved their first 7 minutes filled with nature on day 1.

Follow this link to read about the 7 x 7 Plan or down load the key facts about how plants work for our benefit.

Make a difference to your work-life by including plants and enjoying nature. Just one plant per person can make a difference.

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