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Nature challenge encourages people to “go wild” for its tenth anniversary

by | 19 Feb 24 | Nature & Biodiversity, News

The Wildlife Trusts is calling for people to “embrace the outdoors” with its flagship annual 30 Days Wild as it celebrates its 10th anniversary in June.

The nature challenge has grown from 12,000 participants in its inaugural year to over half a million last year in an effort to help people connect with nature.

People of all ages and abilities are encouraged to participate and The Wildlife Trusts are offering free herb seeds and inspirational guides to everyone who signs-up to do a small, wild thing every day for the month of June.

Iolo Williams, wildlife presenter and vice president, The Wildlife Trusts comments on the challenge, saying: “Imagine a month dedicated to exploring the wonders of nature, from the majestic red kites soaring above to the humble bees buzzing in our gardens.

“Let’s make every day an adventure, be it birdwatching with a slice of bara brith in hand or planting wildflowers to support our native wildlife.”

Research has consistently shown engagement with nature has a proven positive impact on well-being, with one study finding a ‘significant’ increase in people’s health and happiness through participating in 30 Days Wild.

People reported feeling more relaxed, reduced stress levels, and a greater motivation to protect nature.

Participants this year will receive a 10th anniversary pack, designed to support their 30 days challenge.

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