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Nature needs a lifeline, says new Campaign for National Parks report

by | 10 Apr 24 | Nature & Biodiversity, News

New report finds national parks across England and Wales are struggling to restore nature as a result of insufficient funding and outdated design.

National parks currently cover 10% of England and 20% of Wales, but only 6% of their combined land coverage is being effectively managed for nature, according to the Campaign for National Parks’ (CNP) new report.

The National Parks Health Check Report also reveals only 13.7% of national park land is publicly owned- a majority is privately owned and used as farmland.

The CNP report highlights a number of the park’s across England and Wales were established 75 years ago with a remit to address urbanisation.

While supporting nature recovery is part of that remit, the overall mission is, according to CNP, outdated. The land’s current purpose does not reflect the modern day climate and biodiversity crisis.

Many could argue this lack of modernisation is a repercussion incurred from the government cutting funding for the parks by 40% (in real terms) since 2010.

CNP is calling for a new deal for national parks, this includes the banning of all burning of moorlands within national parks and a ban on all forestry plantations on any peat soil.

The charity also calls for government agencies and water companies to pay for the restoration of areas impacted by past damaging actions.

The full National Parks Health Check Report can be found at

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