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Nature plan welcomes new national park

by | 29 Nov 23 | Nature & Biodiversity, News

England set to gain a new national park in line with the government’s nature pledge to protect the countryside.

Ten existing parks across England are in line for a share of £15m funding, including sites throughout Dartmoor, Dorset, and the Cotswolds.

Dartmoor National Park is set to become the first to benefit from this funding.

Julian Glover, the author of the Landscapes Review, says he is thrilled to have “real progress backed with some extra money to help our national landscapes and national parks do more for people and more for nature. They are beautiful places that lift our souls and should be full of life but we now need to find new and greater ambition to support a nation which needs them to thrive.”

Steve Barclay, Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs says that “they are a really important part of our way of life and that’s why we’re launching this competition for a new national park. And we’re going further than that. We are putting in an extra £5m this year and an extra £10m next year.”

The government is said to deliver on its commitment “to halt the decline of nature and safeguard at least 30% of our extraordinary landscapes” according to Barclay.

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