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    New Husqvarna battery mower series offers a robust option for professionals

    Husqvarna extends its range of battery walk behind lawnmowers with the new Husqvarna LB 548i and LC 551iV. The new mowers will have dual batteries, a robust aluminium deck with cooling effect and the possibility to fit a bracket for an additional battery.
    Being all electric and equipped with a 1500W cutting motor, both mowers boast all the sustainability benefits of battery while the built in PowerBoost™ technology offers power equivalent to petrol when needed.
    The new mowers have been designed to offer professional users a reliable and robust product with an aluminum deck and heavy-duty commercial powerhead. The aluminum deck has a cooling effect as well as contributing to the robustness of the products. The mowers are equipped with a battery cooling feature that enables mowing for a longer time in tough conditions.
    The intuitive keypad system with digital interface and user controls has been optimized for user experience, giving the operator an overview of the remaining runtime. On Husqvarna LC 551iV, it is also possible to choose between four speeds, depending on the users’ needs.
    The savE™ mode on the Husqvarna LB 548i and LC 551iV have been designed to lower the RPM while retaining torque to preserve battery life and reduce sound levels, meaning they’re perfect in noise sensitive areas.
    The central height adjustment feature allows the operator to change the cutting height with one operation, while the addition of metal rims and rubber wheels ensures great traction and efficiency.
    The one battery system feature allows for further cost efficiency as the operator can work with all Husqvarna battery products utilizing two batteries for a longer runtime. Dual battery slots let the user continue mowing without having to stop to switch batteries. Continuous drive with two batteries means longer runtime and more efficient mowing and the option of a backpack battery solution enables an even longer run time.
    The products are prepared for use with Husqvarna Fleet sensor, which allows the user to be connected to Husqvarna Fleet Services to allow for easy tracking of units and productivity. Husqvarna Fleet Services keeps track of equipment either through the use of machine sensors or built-in connectivity. With Husqvarna Fleet Services, landscapers can view their whole fleet inventory both out in the field as well as in warehouses and workshops where the company operates. The Husqvarna LB 548i and LC 551iV can also be paired with Husqvarna Connect, allowing users to get information and tips on maintenance and troubleshooting as well as finding guides and manuals. The Common Service Tool software provides possibilities for digital troubleshooting, when needed.
    Availability and price
    The Husqvarna LB 548i and the LC 551iV battery walk-behind will be available at Husqvarna dealers in 2020.
    Husqvarna LB 548i starts from £949.00
    Husqvarna LC 551iV starts from £1,249.00
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