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NEW Lawn Edging: Slidable fixing pins – Avoid root & rocks!

We speak to Trevor Cowley Director at The Gala Group about his latest go-to Landscaping / DIY product called EDGEline and how it removes the hassle of installing metal lawn edging…

Have you or someone you know experienced hitting a root or rock whilst trying to install metal lawn edging? We have spoken to many great Landscapers over the years who have been painfully installing edging with no flexibility where to fix the pins.

So we have developed the EDGEline product which is a 2m x 100mm Aluminium profile, includes Multiple colour options, Slidable Stake & Bracket system and facilitates Adding or Removing the Stake & Bracket retrospectively, if required.

We pride ourselves on best Quality, Service, Value for money and Friendly. Also where possible we  like to support companies close to home like we do with this product. EDGEline is MADE IN UK and includes recycled products all helping to reduce the carbon footprint and keep us the ever friendly people we are!

The Gala Group also offer other ‘easy to install’ landscaping products, such as; 2m Steel edging, 12v Garden Lighting and 12v Pond Lighting all of which, have been successfully supplied and installed in beautiful garden for many years. We would be willing to discuss this further:



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