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    New mulching blade for Wessex RMX

    Councils and contractors operating Wessex ProLine RMX roller mowers can now benefit from the new ProMulcher blade. This new mulching blade is designed to improve performance where, due to budget cuts, grass is being allowed to grow slightly longer and is not being collected. The RMX series mowers already offer superb cutting ability with the ProLine ‘Goldcut’ blade tips.

    The same technology has been applied to the mulching blade with the zone-hardened cutting edge for longer life and greater resistance to stone damage. Cut grass flows up and over the blade onto the mulching edges where the clippings are shredded and pulverised, sliced and heavily bruised, which helps promote fast break-down and decomposition. Mulching can also help protect the grass in periods of drought. The new ProMulcher accessory simply bolts on in place of the standard GoldCut blade tips for easy operation.

    Wessex ProLine RMX mowers have long been the professional’s choice for performance, cut quality, ease of maintenance and running costs. With the new mulching option they are ideal for sports pitches and large community grass areas. Wessex ProLine roller mowers are designed and built in the UK at the Broadwood factory in Bordon, Hampshire, maintaining a quality tradition that began in the early 1960’s.

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