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New product innovations for the perfect landscape project

Pro Landscaper has partnered with ACO Water Management to bring you a series of tips and advice to help deliver effective drainage in landscaping projects.

As demand for home improvement projects continues to surge, it’s important for landscapers to ensure they are keeping up with the latest product innovations. In the final part of the series, we explore ACO’s latest developments and explain how they can enhance a project.

RainDrain® Corner Units

ACO’s top-selling RainDrain® range has been enhanced thanks to the launch of three new corner units. For landscapers, this is particularly useful for those who use ACO’s discreet BrickSlot B 125 system.

Designed to easily create a 90o bend in the run of a channel without the need for mitring on-site, the corner units help to create T junctions and can be used to connect up to four runs with a single unit. Crucially, the units can be supplied with a range of tops to complement different channel finishes, including a galvanised steel grate.

Threshold Drain CorTen

One of the more popular trends within garden and landscape projects is achieving a patina finish. However, while it is usually achieved through planters and walls, landscapers can now introduce the design trend through the drainage system to enhance a project even further.

ACO’s Threshold Drain is now available in a CorTen finish, which develops a characteristic rusty appearance after it has been exposed to rainwater. Before it is installed onto the channel, it is recommended that the CorTen gratings corrode in a safe location to achieve the patina finish. For more information on achieving a patina finish through drainage, please visit the ACO website.


If you are working on a project that requires a bespoke grating pattern or design, or you simply need guidance on the most appropriate product for your project, ACO has three support programmes for landscapers. For more information, please visit https://www.aco.co.uk/askaco

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