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New real time irrigation controller has powerful features

by | 14 May 20 | News

Rain Bird has introduced the new smart ESP- LXIVM two wire irrigation controller with a smart solenoid Integrated Valve Module (IVM). This innovation represents a major step forward in landscape and sports turf irrigation control through real-time communication and providing the user with immediate feedback and diagnostics as well as highly reliabile, closely controlled irrigation.

Installers and their customers can take advantage of ESP-LXIVM’s powerful features including the fact that the controller and the irrigation valve speak the same language. It can be used for a spectrum of irrigation control application from landscaped housing developments, schools and sports training grounds to public parks and larger industrial or commercial sites.The Standard version has a 60 station capability whilst the Pro offers 240 stations which can be split across 10 flow zones.Sixteen stations can be run simultaneously and up to 40 irrigation programs can be set.

With the integrated IVM-SOL control station the need for a decoder is eliminated and 50% fewer connectors are required in the field. This means simplified installation, saving time and money, as well as lowering future maintenance requirements and potential field repairs.

The ESP- LXIVM can communicate wirelessly and be used in conjunction with the Rain Bird’s IQ Platform, including the new IQ4 100% browser based irrigation management system. This gives users convenient remote internet control from a smartphone, tablet or desktop PC. The controller’s display panel has a simple user interface with a large backlit screen, an easy to operate programming dial and additional buttons for extra functions. In conjunction with the real-time diagnostics feature, users can access historical electrical data and other operational information through the screen and react quickly to any potential problems in the field.

The controller’s IVM-SEN interface allows real-time flow management tools such as Rain Bird’s FloWatch and FlowManager to be employed and guard against high or low flow conditions. Water can also be conserved and total watering times reduced by interfacing with weather sensors.

For more information, contact Peter Longman, northern landscape area manager, Rain Bird Europe.

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