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Nicki’s doing the 2.6 challenge to support UK charities

Over the last week Nicki Jackson form Blue Daisy Garden Design has been attempting to complete 26 challenges on behalf of AsthmaUK. She chose this charity after developing asthma a few years ago, and having found the website resources invaluable to help her understand triggers and get it under control.

The challenges started on 26 April, and you can keep abreast of Nicki’s progress through her Instagram feed BlueDaisyUK.

Nicki said: “So far I’ve raised £678 from an original target of £260, I’m so pleased, some of the challenges are silly and some really challenging!  I’m doing things like 26 mins of pilates, scoring over 260 in darts standing 2.6m away for 2.6 mins, going up and down the stairs 26 times, and the Pringle challenge….26 pringles….one per minute, this is by far the toughest!

I’ve also danced in the garden for 26 mins, I felt stupid to begin with and then started to feel quite liberated – we have put videos up on Instagram, I’m not sure people will take me seriously after this is over! I’ve now set a new target of £1000 so any donations will be gratefully received and appreciated.”

Challenges yet to do to complete the 26 are:

  1. Have a remote dance party for 26 mins (using zoom)
  2. Juggle for 2.6mins
  3. Jog 26 lengths of the garden
  4. Build a tower as tall as I can in 2.6mins with plant pots
  5. Try to draw 26 rainbows in 26mins for the NHS
  6. Try to get 26 layers of clothes on
  7. Spot as many insects or wildlife in my garden in 2.6mins

If you would like to support Nicki’s efforts you can donate via her Just Giving page which is here: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/nicki-s-2-6-challenge591?utm_source=Sharethis&utm_medium=fundraising&utm_content=nicki-s-2-6-challenge591&utm_campaign=pfp-email&utm_term=8aecfed700124c1ab87781d0004602d8

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