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Office plant of the year revealed

by | 09 Jul 24 | Domestic Landscaping, News | 0 comments

plants@work continue the celebrations this National plants@work Week with the announcement of this year’s Favourite Office Plant of the year.

It was the Ficus elastica Burgundy that came away victorious, securing the title of Favourite Office Plant 2024; voted for by a selected panel of voices across the plant world.

Garden designer, Claudia de Yong, was one of the panellists to place Ficus elastica Burgundy at the top, her reasoning;

This year’s crowning office plant, Ficus elastica Burgundy

“Its gorgeous dark glossy leaves which turn from a rich burgundy red to dark green as they unfurl. It is an easy to care for plant, which doesn’t require frequent watering. It is best growing in indirect light and has powerful air purifying properties.”

The Ficus elastica Burgundy placed first amongst four other houseplants, all of which are featuring at plants@work’s Theale Business Park pop-up stall.

Coming in a close second, was the Croton, voted for by this reporter as their second choice for its “autumnal colouring” and “sense of warmth”.

But the top vote from this reporter went to Scindapsus, which placed third;

“Also referred to as Devil’s Ivy for its hardy nature, this low maintenance trailing plant is a wonderful space filler, with unique patterns atop its heart shaped leaves. Its stems can be used to propagate new plants or to help make the plant bushier, revealing more of its beauty.”

Michael Perry, also known as Mr Plant Geek also gave one of his two votes to Croton, pushing it up to a podium finish.

Leaving Strelitzia and Dracaena marginata out of the top three this year.

All of these plants can be found on the Market Stall created for National plants@work week, designed by Ian Drummond.

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