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OHAS Grower Standard Version 4 launches

The Ornamental Horticulture Assurance Scheme (OHAS) is pleased to announce the release of the OHAS Grower Standard Version 4.

The OHAS formerly known as the BOPP Certification Scheme, is a specialist group of the HTA and was renamed to accurately reflect the breadth of a worldwide membership.

The OHAS has been running for over 23 years and is relied upon throughout the industry to ensure that customers have confidence when procuring from OHAS Certificated suppliers.  

It is designed to enable certified businesses to demonstrate high standards of good agricultural practise, quality, safety and service. The Grower Standard allows growers to meet the specific requirements of ornamental horticulture producers and the requirements of GLOBALG.A.P. against which the standard is benchmarked as a GLOBALG.A.P. resembling scheme.

GLOBALG.A.P. is a trademark and a set of standards for good agricultural practices (G.A.P.).

The updated version reflects the work that has been undertaken to incorporate the additional plant health requirements and to allow for a more logical flow to the standard. In addition, the standard has been reviewed in line with some changes to the GLOBALG.A.P. Standard version 5.2 and GLOBALG.A.P. has confirmed that the OHAS Grower Standard remains benchmarked against their Flowers and Ornamentals Standard with continuing resembling status against GLOBALG.A.P. Version 5.2 

Quality ornamental production is key to a thriving horticulture industry. The OHAS supports producers and packers of ornamental horticultural products, providing quality assurance to the industry.


For more information, please contact Pippa Greenwood, the Scheme Manager at [email protected]

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