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‘Plantify’ your garden using FREE online garden design tools at

Plan-ti-fy (plɑːn.tɪ.faɪ) verb to design a garden with plants by utilising colour, texture and size that result in breathtaking gardens launches its NEW GARDEN DESIGN TOOL today, Monday 19th March 2012 at 2pm (GMT). The innovative website makes garden design accessible and affordable to everybody by providing its easy-to-use Garden Design Tool and extensive plant knowledge absolutely FREE. Whether you’re a seasoned professional, a keen home gardener or a gardening novice, all you have to do is register online and you’re ready to design with plants.

With no software to download, saves and stores your designs online. Its free Garden Design Tool allows you to create a stunning garden by suggesting the right plants for the right places. Developed with input from professional garden designers, the advanced tool enables anyone to design or re-design any size of garden for any budget with the help of its extensive Plant Finder database. You can choose to share your garden with the community to inspire others or invite comments and advice. Harnessing the input of enthusiastic gardeners around the UK, is an indispensable tool to create and maintain beautiful gardens.

Creating your dream garden is easy

1. Search the Plant Finder; use our extensive plant database to find plants by selecting criteria such as – available sunlight, size, soil type, flower and foliage colour or garden style, and add them to your ‘wish list’

2. Start the Garden Design Tool; Guiding you step by step through the process, it uses Google Maps to help you set your garden’s orientation and calculate your garden’s size. Next create a drawing of your beds, lawn and existing features. Drag and drop plants from your wish list to plantify your garden. The tool will even suggest suitable plants for you. This state of the art design tool allows you to replicate everything from plant textures, garden objects, and surfaces such as gravel to help bring your design plan to life.

3. Share your knowledge; add your own favourite plants to the Plant Finder database if they are not already available and, if you wish, publish your garden online to share with the community.

4. Record; use your account to record when and where you bought your plants and how they progress in your garden.

5. Budget; the Garden Design Tool will enable you to monitor the cost of your plant design by detailing up-to-date prices for many popular plants.

6. Save and print; home print your design, or use our remote printing service to receive an A2 design to scale, for under £10.

7. Ask for assistance; request a professional garden designer to create the planting design for your garden for a small fee (from £60 dependent upon your garden size & requirements)

8. iPad Compatible; gives you the freedom to search for information or make entries while you are out and about, or browsing nurseries. Jot it down on and work it into your design later.

Founder of, Peter Laughton says: “Garden design doesn’t have to be expensive. Non-structural soft landscaping through clever use of different plant heights, spread, colour and texture can create a visual feast and a palette of colour to add the WOW factor to any garden.”

“ simply makes plant knowledge readily available and provides the expertise to skillfully redesign your garden, or create from scratch. If you find that you need additional input then design advice is available at an affordable price making garden design more accessible to everyone.”

In 2011 partnered with gold medal winning garden designers of FlemonsWarland Designs at RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show to demonstrate the ease of use and versatility of its new website to the public. The partnership won an RHS Gold Medal for ‘Conceptual Garden’. produced a virtual planting map of the show garden, updated in real-time online, allowing anyone to borrow the professionals’ ideas and recreate a piece of the RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show at home.

Sim Flemons and John Warland of FlemonsWarland Designs said: “The plantify website introduced a new dimension to our show garden and gave show visitors so much more insight into our own work and the planting scheme we were using. This excellent online resource enables any gardener to create a stunning garden of their own.”

What’s Next?
From summer 2012 once a garden design is finished and you are happy with your chosen plants, will source these plants wherever possible from local British plant nurseries or national retailers. A ‘click to buy’ list will be produced enabling you to complete your design and purchase your plants through For more information visit and register free to get ready and plantify your garden.

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