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Out of Sight, Out of Mind: Incorporating SuDS planters into Landscaping Design

Pro Landscaper has partnered with ACO Building and Landscape to bring you a series of articles that look at different aspects of garden design. This week, we look at the creative use of one product to help meet an onsite SuDS (Sustainable Drainage System) requirement.

Landscaping can provide a multitude of benefits, not least in how much value it can add to a home. With the desired aesthetic in mind, landscapers must be careful to balance the looks of a project with its practicality and sustainability – this includes its water management solutions.

The collection of rainwater is an encouraged practice in the UK, with many councils encouraging households to do as much as possible. During lengthy dry spells, rainwater collected in a water butt can provide your garden with the necessary moisture to survive, maintaining the desired aesthetic during challenging conditions. However, water butts may present an issue to landscapers and garden designers as they can be an unwanted element for clients, not blending in or adhering to the aesthetic.

ACO Building and Landscape understands landscapers need to find a solution to this problem. Originally designed for rainwater attenuation on Blue / Green roofs, ACO RoofBloxx can also be used to create a drainage layer under planted areas, allowing for water to be safely harvested without disrupting the client’s desired aesthetic. Once installed, the RoofBloxx is multi-purposeful – preventing unwanted flooding during heavy rainfall, as well as providing water during sunny spells.

This approach was recently demonstrated as part of a project at a school by the South East Rivers Trust. Here, ACO RoofBloxx worked as one of two planters which stored and then released rainfall into the sewer network, with the other planter using a more traditional gravel layer. Monitoring of both planters is ongoing to measure the effectiveness of RoofBloxx in this type of application, with the results highlighting its suitability for small-scale SuDS.

For more information about RoofBloxx, visit the ACO website at https://www.aco.co.uk/products/roofbloxx

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