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OVÆDA launches into UK market

OVÆDA Ltd is pleased to announce its launch to the UK market, providing a range of premium landscaping products for creating luxurious outdoor environments. Continuing with the success of Ryno Ltd, the market leading provider of paving and decking systems for the high-rise and commercial market, OVÆDA will be focussed on the domestic markets through approved installers and direct-to-consumer via its ecommerce website.

With Outdoor Living becoming an increasingly popular trend in the UK, especially boosted by the requirement to stay at home during the circumstance of the last year, enjoyable & relaxing outdoor space has quickly become as important as our indoor environments.  With the spotlight increasingly on mental and physical health during the current climate, more emphasis is being placed on creating spaces where we can unwind. The extensive range of inspirational and high-quality products OVÆDA offers can turn any underused space into something truly unique.

We believe that by focusing on updating your outdoor space, it can greatly increase in value and appeal much more to buyers. If you’re not planning to sell anytime soon, the value of your property will hold firm through time, and you get to enjoy the benefits of designing your own stunning outdoor area through the extensive range of products OVÆDA offers.

Based in Ellon, Aberdeenshire and Cranleigh, Surrey, OVÆDA will work together with Landscapers, Garden Designers, and Architects to create irresistible environments which promote health and bring value to both domestic gardens and commercial settings. The new website offers our Natura™ Composite Decking, Rocco™ Porcelain Paving, all-season Canopies and Pergolas from our Airspace™ range, and the revolutionary Tectonic™ landscape framing system.  As part of the Tectonic offering, OVÆDA also designs and manufactures modular parklet systems to quickly and easily reconfigure external space to help both the hospitality industry with serving customers outside and city centres to recover from the challenging circumstances of the past year.

Company Director Anton White said: “We’re excited to take the attributes which have cemented our group company Ryno Ltd as the market leader in its field, into the domestic market.  With our innovative energy and market leading products, we look forward to collaborating with our clients to imagine and create irresistible outdoors spaces for people to enjoy.  Whether we’re transforming a domestic garden, creating an outdoor seating area for a restaurant, or providing an environment for people to relax in the city centre, our aim is to provide people with Space to Breathe™.”

For more information please visit: https://ovaeda.com

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