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    Palmstead Soft Landscaping Workshop 2019

    Green Connections ‘Empowerment through collaboration, Wednesday 23 January 09:00-17:00. Soft Landscaping Workshop – Ashford International Hotel, Kent.
    In the world of horticulture the need to connect to landscape underpins everything Palmstead Nurseies does. Many believe that human beings are predisposed to want to find connections with the natural world. The common term for this is ‘biophilia’.
    As human beings we are also tribal animals, craving social interaction. We gain pleasure and motivation from our interactions with each other. When we inhibit or remove our connections with the natural world and with each other we are limiting our potential. This limits the chances available for us to find a balance between modernity and nature.
    The 2019 Soft Landscaping Workshop will be discussing the importance of ‘green connections’. It will also take a look at how through interaction, people can work together to create a much-needed balance in landscape. Palmstead believe through industry collaboration, everyone can have the empowerment to create a greener future.
    There are a stimulating line up of speakers arranged for the day. There will also be some mini-workshops taking place and a larger then ever number of exhibitors. Industry professionals will be offering advice and guidance throughout the day.

    The speakers for the day are below:

    • Helen Elks-Smith
    • Sarah Morgan
    • Dr Ken Thompso
    • Adam White
    • Andrew Wilson
    • John Wyer
    Speakers are subject to change, and more names are to speak at the event.
    Visit Palmstead.co.uk and click on events to find out more and book a place.
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