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Paul Hensey talks Sketch Up at FutureScape 2014

This year at FutureScape garden designer, Paul Hensey delivered an informative seminar on the benefits of the software programme Sketch Up, which saw around 35 people attend.

Sketch Up is a 3D dimensional modelling programme designed to aid people within the horticultural industry. The software allows the user to explore concepts quickly and efficiently. The seminar demonstrated it to be very accurate and good for engineering drawings, planting plans, 3D modelling and especially modelling complicated shapes. It also has a geo location feature which enables the user to type in the postcode to generate accurate shadowing.

Sketch Up also has a free library of parts called the Warehouse which contains over 3million models and has had over 3 billion downloads. The library holds a mixture of 2D and 3D parts, along with textures. It also allows users to upload their own parts for others to use.

It is an open source programme that works just like a smart phone and is designed to be compatible with other software. There are various library plugins with the majority being free that can be downloaded, plugins include visualisation drawing tools, parametric modelling, organic modelling, spreadsheets part counts, animation simulation and construction detailing.

Paul also explained that there is a vast amount of support and help guides out there for Sketch Up, here are the following books he recommended would be most beneficial to a user: Sketch up for Dummies by Aidan Chopra ,Sketch Up 2014 Hands on: Advanced Exercises by Bonnie Roskes, Sketch Up for Site design by Daniel Tal, The Sketch Up Workflow for Architecture by Michael Brightman and Architectural design with Sketch Up by  Alexander Schreyer. There are also a few online resources which Paul recommended would be useful, YouTube, Master Sketch up and Sketchucation.

There are two packages available, a basic version for free, and an advanced version which costs £375 plus VAT.

For more information on Sketch Up please visit: www.sketchup.com


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