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    Paving the way to a top quality driveway

    There are three key challenges to achieving perfection when it comes to laying a driveway. These are ground stabilisation, filtration and drainage. All three are solvable with the right geotextile fabric.
    Selecting and installing the right geotextile fabric for any landscaping project is crucial for soil separation, weed control, ground stabilisation, drainage and filtration.
    With Growtivation’s Product That Worx range of geotextile fabrics landscaping professionals can be assured of achieving superb results for their clients every time.

    Pick the right geotextile fabric for the job

    A professional grade membrane, DRIVETEX is a non-woven geotextile fabric designed specifically for driveways, providing the best performance in ground stabilisation, filtration and drainage.
    This heavy-duty membrane can be used beneath MOT Type 1 or 3 aggregate or hardcore in sub-base layers to prevent sinking and rutting caused by settlement of aggregates into the soil beneath (sub-grade).
    DRIVETEX can also be used for the construction of land (French) drains and for use beneath permeable paving and other SuDS compliant installations. It is available in a range of roll and pack sizes, from the Mini Roll at 1m x 10m to the Contractor Roll at 4.5m x 50m.

    Ensure the right drainage is in place

    Drainage is one of the key challenges to creating the perfect driveway. Making sure the driveway falls towards the drainage points is vital and it may be necessary to create additional drainage capacity by installing a soakaway. Wrapping the soakaway in a professional drainage membrane, such as DRAINTEX , will help tackle this issue.

    Install a high performance retention system on gravel driveways

    Overcome the usual issues that gravel driveways present by installing a gravel retention system that provides a fully permeable solution to effectively containing and stabilising loose aggregate surfacing.
    With their unique ring design and open mesh base, the EARTHWORX Gravelrings system creates a gravel driveway with excellent load bearing capacity (in excess of 350 tonnes per sqm), that is fully permeable and prevents gravel migration, sinking and rutting.
    Available in black and white, Gravelrings create a gravel surface that pedestrians can comfortably walk on and that wheelchairs, prams and pushchairs can easily be pushed over without becoming stuck.
    To ensure you have all the information you need to successfully use the Product That Worx geotextile fabrics, download the Installation Guide, Tech Data Sheet and Brochure .
    To find out more about the other ground control products in the Growtivation Product That Works range download our Landscaping That Works guide .
    Or to find out where you can buy Growtivation geotextiles fabrics visit our online Where to Buy facility or contact the friendly team at Growtivation for advice on 0800 197 8885 or email [email protected].
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