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Pitfalls to Avoid When Writing a Job Advert

Getting your job advert right is crucial. After all, it can be the difference between employing mediocre candidates and great ones. Getting the right calibre of applicants through door, relies heavily on how you write your job advert.

However, this isn’t always an easy task, nor is striking the right balance when it comes to making your business stand out. With a long list of things to consider, it can quickly become an overwhelming process.

Trying to make the procedure less of the struggle, the Pro Landscaper team have complied a list of their top tips on the pitfalls to avoid when putting together your next job advert.

  1. Leaving Out the Salary

Of course, money isn’t the only thing on a job description that will interest perspective candidates – location, progression and company values are important also. But money is always something candidates will look for prior to applying for your role.

If you’re worried about displaying the salary, try to pad the application out with company perks and benefits. What else can you offer that isn’t just money? Flexible working hours? Play to the business’ strengths; however important money may seem, there are other ways of selling your role.

  1. Industry Jargon

Littering an advert with technical terms can make candidates disregard the role entirely. Most job seekers will only spend 49.7 seconds reviewing a job before clicking off. Whilst cramming the application with technical jargon may seem like a good idea, it can often come across unclear as to what you’re advertising.

64% of job seekers will not apply for the position if they don’t understand what the role is about. Using simple, easy to understand terminology will make the role more appealing.

  1. Discrimination

A Welsh landscaping company recently came under fire for creating a job description, which requested no drug users, alcoholics, or homeless veterans apply for the role.

Making your role inclusive of all minorities is crucial. Singling out a set group of people will only make other candidates, who although may not belong to the minority, not want to apply. Who wants to work for a company that isn’t accepting people from all walks of life?

  1. Staying Silent on Your Company Perks

Make your business strengths clear. Talk about the great perks your company can offer.

Having selling points in your advert that showcases what sets you apart from other businesses, can be important, particularly if your business is small. If there isn’t a big brand name to draw people in, other aspects certainly can. Whether that be staff bonuses, company away days, or company discounts.

When speaking with Eljays44 HR Business Partner, Alex Olley expressed “That a good job advert should not discourage candidates with relevant experience from applying, however it should ensure that it reaches a pool of suitable candidates who are right for your role and business. Make sure your advert is well structured and don’t omit any key information that candidates may need to apply”.

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