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Plans unveiled for major Crystal Palace Park regeneration

by | 19 Mar 24 | Landscape Architecture, News

Lead designer for phase one of the Crystal Palace Park regeneration project, HTA Design, has unveiled initial plans for the multi-million pound project.

Bromley Council’s £17.50m regeneration project, delivered in partnership with the Crystal Palace Park Trust, will see many of the historic Victorian park’s original features restored.

HTA Design will be leading phase one of the regeneration, which includes the restoration of the Geological Court, containing the Crystal Palace Dinosaurs, a collection of 30 prehistoric Grade-I listed sculptures and 14 Geological Illustrations.

Italian Terraces aerial vision. Credit: HTA Design


Landscape proposals will see the removal of overgrown vegetation and sediment built up over time to reveal original features.

The design also includes a new layer of rock outcrops, gravel formations and paleo-inspired planting in an effort to enhance the geological narrative.

Natalia Roussou, landscape design director at HTA Design says the park’s regeneration is a milestone in creating a “climate resilient, biodiverse, inclusive” space.

She goes on to say “the landscape design approach maximises park ecosystem service benefits and prioritises accessibility to ensure that the park can be enjoyed by all.”

This phase of the project will also see restorations made to the lower terminus of the Paxton Axis, restoring it to its full width, as well as restoring the Grade-II listed Italian Terraces walls to allow for improved use of the space for recreation and events.

The restoration of the terrace walls includes the delivery of biodiverse meadows and species rich grassland planting, in an effort to restore the park’s “original horticultural wonder”, says HTA Design.

Work on the project is scheduled to commence in 2025.

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