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‘Plants in Parliament’ event with the HTA

by | 29 Nov 23 | News | 1 comment

The Horticultural Trades Association presented at Parliament on Tuesday, 28 November to showcase the importance of UK environmental horticulture.

Sponsored by Heather Wheeler MP, the event attracted over 50 MPs, Peers, and staff.

Talking about policies including economy, trade, environment, health, and wellbeing.

Parliamentarians from Cornwall to Scotland had the opportunity to engage with the sector first-hand.

Heather Wheeler says, “I was delighted to extend a warm welcome to the environmental horticulture industry in Parliament. The Horticultural Trades Association, at this event, provided MPs with a first-hand insight into the numerous benefits of environmental horticulture, as well as a comprehensive understanding of the challenges the industry currently faces. It’s an opportune moment to discuss how government support can further bolster this vital sector.”

“The event showed the level of support and interest by parliamentarians in UK environmental horticulture and the green spaces we deliver. Everyone we talked to about the value of plants, gardens and green spaces now knows a bit more about the sector behind it – £28.8bn GDP, nearly 700k jobs and 200 million garden centre visits a year.” Says Jennifer Pheasey, HTA Director of Public Affairs.

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1 Comment

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    Hi I am fascinated by natural form and wonder if the coloured heart shaped spade of an anthurium would make an attractive garden feature to collect rain from water buts and slowly release it pool by pool in a shiny red feature

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