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Plants not pressure: Thrive’s green path to men’s wellbeing

by | 04 Jun 24 | News

‘Plants not pressure’ the new campaign from Thrive is advocating gardens and green spaces as places for men to grow their mental and physical strength.

Thrive’s new campaign, ‘Plants not pressure’, is advocating gardens and green space as a place for men to nurture their mental and physical health.

Studies show that gardening and spending time in nature can have significant benefits on people’s physical and mental health.

Thrive, the national charity promoting gardening for health and wellbeing, is encouraging men to get involved by spreading the word about green benefits.

This spring, the charity launched its ‘Gardening and Men’ survey to further understand men’s relationship with green spaces. 117 male respondents participated from Thrive’s Gardening Club newsletter.

Over 85% of respondents said gardening helps improve their physical fitness, while a further 91% said gardening helps improve their physical fitness.

The mental and physical benefits of gardens and Green Care interventions are highlighted in the Mental Health Foundation report on Mental Health and Nature. Gardening was included in the ‘Be active’ advice in The Five Ways to Wellbeing evidence-based public mental health message developed by the New Economics Foundation.

Supporting ‘Plants not pressure’, ambassador of Thrive Mark Lane, garden designer, author and TV gardening presenter says: “Studies show that gardening based interventions for people experiencing mental health problems can lead to a reduction in the symptoms of depression, stress and anxiety, and an increase in self-esteem and better mood.”

Resources on how gardening can support men’s health and wellbeing, plus activities and tips are available in Thrive’s online guide at

Explore activities, guides and inspiration on how to Get Gardening for your health and wellbeing and sign up for the bi-weekly Gardening Club newsletter at

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