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A power revolution in British gardens from EGO

Battery powered garden equipment has now moved head-to-head with petrol and mains electric alternatives following the launch of the EGO range of fast-charging, 56-volt machines.

With a re-charge from flat time of just 30 minutes the 4.0Ah battery will provide up to 45-minutes of mowing. The EGO cordless lawnmower and accompanying hedge cutter, line trimmer, chain saw and blower meet the UK gardeners’ needs, regardless of the size of garden and the weather.

On just one charge the lawnmower has sufficient power to cut up to 800 M2 of lawn.  With two batteries, one in use and the other on charge, there is limitless power.  Running costs are approximately one tenth of those for petrol powered equivalents.  This factor, plus reduced noise, vibration and a total absence of operating emissions, is a compelling environmental argument in favour of EGO.

The lithium ion battery technology powering the range is the result of many years of work.  The cells in the three different sized batteries are configured in a patented arc shape to help keep them cool in operation and charging.  They are also surrounded by a phase change material to help dissipate heat and will operate with maximum efficiency for up to 1500 charges –sufficient for more than eight to ten years use in an average sized garden.

Since the launch in the United States at the beginning of the 2014 season EGO has become one of the top selling cordless brands on the North American market.

“We describe EGO as having ‘Power Beyond Belief’ and it really does have to be experienced to fully appreciate what we are saying,” says EGO Europe’s marketing director, Steve Roskell.  “This is a direct challenge to petrol, electric and existing cordless garden products.  We have re-written the powered garden products rule book.

“EGO is the first range of cordless outdoor powered gardening equipment capable of matching or surpassing the performance of petrol powered machines without any of the noise, fuss or fumes,” adds Steve.

The lawnmower is a three-in-one machine offering users the choice of rear collect, side discharge or mulching.

The lawnmower is sold complete with a 4.0Ah battery and fast charger and retails at £499 inc. VAT. The other products in the range are sold without the battery or charger but these can be purchased separately.

EGO will be available nationally through specialist independent garden machinery dealers in time for the 2015 season.

For full information about the full EGO range visit www.egopowerplus.com


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