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Preparing green spaces for 2019

With colder temperatures rolling in, it’s tempting to overlook lawn maintenance. Before settling in for the winter, be sure to prepare green spaces for the winter months, so to pick things up in spring 2019. Landscape experts at Hayter have put together some top tips to help prepare.

Give the lawn a clean

This ensures that there are no nasty surprises in the garden come springtime. Removing all large objects from lawn areas, such as logs or garden furniture before the final lawn mow will prevent dead spots forming on the grass during winter. Dead spots can stunt the grass, leaving it thinner than the rest of the lawn. Make sure to also clear any fallen leaves. Piles left over the autumn and winter can leave the grass patchy, as well as cause issues with snails and slugs.

Mow the lawn

It may be an afterthought for many at this time of year, but once the lawn is clear of any obstacles it’s time to give green spaces one final touch up. Find a time when the weather and ground conditions seem reasonable to cut the grass. Make sure to select a high cut setting for the final mow. With the Harrier® 48 mower’s counter-balanced single lever height-of-cut adjuster, it’s easy to select the perfect cutting height. Cutting off excess length whilst leaving the grass longer will help the lawn stay thick and resilient from disease during winter.


Providing extra nutrients to a lawn before winter is a great way to ensure that it looks healthy and fresh in spring. Before the first freeze, ensure to use a fertiliser to replace the nutrients lost from the soil in the much hotter months. As the weather turns colder, the fertiliser will remain in the soil, feeding the lawn all winter.

Maintain the mower

As autumn and winter are not well suited for mowing, it’s the perfect time to prepare the mowers for the season ahead. Giving the mowers a clean at the end of the season, you will help prevent rust and moisture damage. With the Harrier® 56 mower’s tough ABS underdeck liner, cleaning is easy. With the diecast aluminium deck, it is highly corrosion resistant.
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