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Pro Landscaper Business Awards – Employer of the Year and Supreme Winner: Elmtree Garden Contractors

On Friday last week, the Pro Landscaper Business Awards took place. With over a little over 400 visitors, there were sixteen awards up for grabs.

This year, Elmtree Garden Contractors scooped up their second Supreme Award, and they also won Employer of the year.

Paul Lynch, Elmtree’s managing director, said: “We’re still coming off a high from last Friday! We are more than delighted to win both of these awards. It is a great testimony to who we are as a company.”

For Paul, winning the Supreme Award solidifies the company’s strong social value, caring nature, and professionalism. He explained: “We have always cared for and looked after our staff – we like to invest in them. By giving them responsibility and the ability to make their own decisions, we can help give a sense of purpose which is really important.”

Paul has made sure Elmtree has an open-door policy, as “being able to feel comfortable and open about concerns and our mental health” is important to the Elmtree family.

Paul explained the company won the Supreme Award three years ago, but “since then, standards have risen” in the industry. By re-entering the awards, Paul said companies are able to constantly measure how good they are against their competition. He added that the Pro Landscaper Business Awards are a “great encouragement in the industry as everyone strives to improve, its very challenging.”

Judges on the business awards judging panel explained Elmtree won the Supreme Award this year due to their “good working culture” and clear understanding of how to treat staff. One of the judges added: “The business demonstrates an understanding of the need for flexible working and encouraging positive communications through its actions and employee feedback. The words of the people that decisions effect tell a lovely story about Elmtree.”

Another judge described Elmtree “as an embedded culture of support, development, caring and performance, a truly exceptional, people-focused business.”

Moving forward, Paul said winning both of these awards places Elmtree in a very strong position within the industry. “Winning Employer of the Year should definitely help us attract more staff, and the Supreme Award helps to secure a client’s trust and confidence.”

Paul also added Elmtree should now have an advantage when competing against other companies for projects. “Due to our record winning, I think companies would like to choose to work with us.”

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