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Pro Landscaper February 2022

by | 24 Jan 22 | Digital Editions

Pro Landscaper

Our February issue is here!

We’re slap bang in the middle of winter and already 2022 has been jam-packed with biodiversity commitments and pledges to protect the environment and its future.

The idea of ‘rewilding’ has certainly grown in popularity over recent months. In our inform section Chris Churchman explains why rewilding is necessary but “not at the cost of replacing farmland.” Can we trust the government to fund our landscape as they say?

Speaking of rewilding, Lewis Normand ponders why green spaces remain so poorly funded, particularly after numerous lockdowns emphasised their value and importance to our future. And, in our let’s hear it from this month, Nilufer Danis discusses why she’s causing a stir and how she puts sustainability at the heart of all her work.

Be sure you don’t miss our Birmingham Special. We explore the plans for HS2 and what they mean for Birmingham, the city’s green infrastructure, and we even produced a Midlands focused Barometer – it was great to see turnover is on the right track.

We give readers a sneak peak at the diverse and engaging FutureScape Spring seminars coming up, from plant health to business growth, to reusing materials. What can you expect? Find out what’s going on in our Nurture, and Business and Technology Theatres.

On top of all that, we have even more FutureScape for you. We picked out 20 important lessons from just three of our FutureScape Seminars in 2021: ‘The price is right – or is it?’, ‘Recruit, train, the future of landscape recruitment’, and ‘Loud and proud: The future of marketing and social media.’ Our expert panellists highlighted the great, the essential, and fundamental tips you can take forward into 2022.

Read the February issue here

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