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Welcome to Pro Landscaper IQ, the place to find out the performance of the landscaping market. You will also find information and news from sectors that affect the landscaping market and its performance. Surrounding sectors include construction, architecture, property, economy, interior design, and manufacturing. Click on the menu above to select the sector of interest.

Finding out the landscaping market performance

How does it work?

Each month, we contact businesses within the landscaping market to find out their performance. We ask about their confidence in the market and their turnover.  We ask about their number of enquiries, projects, full-time staff and more. Furthermore, we gather comments from businesses of the trends, activities, and their thoughts in the landscaping market to get an insight behind the data.

How is it used?

Then, we use all of this to create easy to digest statistics, an IQ and UK Landscape Barometer section in the Pro Landscaper magazine and a full report of the findings. The information found in the magazine is only of the top-level statistics.

If you would like more information or to get involved, please email [email protected]

Why is this important?

Pro Landscaper IQ and the UK Landscape Barometer are essential tools for measuring the landscaping market performance. This is important for several reasons and useful for many businesses and people.

For the participants, they get to focus on these important business performance markers monthly, some of which they might not have looked at previously. They also get to easily compare their performance to the market average in their region and/or sector.

For businesses in the industry that are not participants, they still get to see the headline statistics and performance. They can figure out and compare their own business performance to the market average.

For suppliers, they can find out if their sales are in line with the landscaping market performance. They can also plan and improve their business strategy using the historical data.

For the surrounding sectors, they can understand exactly how the landscaping market is performing and see the other sectors news.

Benefits of participating

As briefly mentioned above, there are some benefits to participating in the UK Landscape Barometer. These include the following:

  • Receive the information in advance, prior to publication
  • Allow you to benchmark your company’s performance against the industry average
  • Receive an exclusive, full report which is separate from the top-level article
  • Receive each issue of Pro Landscaper moving forward

To participate, please email [email protected] or call Joshua on 01903 777 570.

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