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Pro Landscaper July 2021

by | 08 Jul 21 | Digital Editions

The way we live and work is changing, so our towns and cities surely need to change too. Lockdown has made us all stay locally rather than venture further afield, and we’ve realised we’re either fortunate to have so much on our doorstep or disappointed to find a lack of green space or local amenities, even within our nearest high street. Fortunately, the High Street Task Force was set up pre-pandemic and is working hard to regenerate these once-loved spots. We spoke to experts on the taskforce on pedestrianizing high streets, the benefits of temporary schemes and how to foster ownership – all for our Urbanism special, the July issue.

Ecologist Laurie Jackson discusses the importance of encouraging wildlife into our towns and cities, whilst Blakedown’s Chris Wellbelove shares how working on the Crossrail Roof Terrace was a boost for business.

Designing urban gardens can be tricky, so Bowles & Wyer’s John Wyer gives his top tips for reinventing these spaces and the pitfalls to avoid, whilst sharing how urban gardens have changed over recent years. Speaking of change, we delve into the introduction of virtual reality to garden design and the benefits its use can bring, to clients and to your practice.

A shortage of materials is taking its toll, with lead times lengthening and a whopping 93% expecting the shortage to impact them for the next 12 months, according to our Supply Shortage Special. Find out more in our IQ section this month!

Read the July issue here.

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