Pro Landscaper June 2020

Throughout lockdown, the Pro Landscaper team has been eager to continue delivering information and inspiration. At a time when businesses are struggling, it’s important to share the success stories amongst the more sombre ones, which is why we were thrilled to have Duncan Carrier of Carrier Landscapers as our Let’s Hear It From interviewee in the June issue. He shares how his business has remained resilient in the COVID-19 pandemic and how he’s built his business up to this point over the last three decades, running a successful nursery as well as a wide landscaping portfolio within the housebuilding sector.

Staying on the unavoidable topic of coronavirus, our contributors each had their viewpoints, with many considering the aspects that they will be taking forward post-pandemic. Andrew Wilson, for instance, says the London College of Garden Design has benefitted from using Zoom and will continue to use it as an additional tool. On a similar note, Lewis Normand says nurseries have improved their online presence over the last few weeks and shouldn’t let this subside when lockdown is lifted.

Speaking of lockdown being lifted, many of the UK’s beloved public gardens have been reopening, including Norney Wood, which appears as our Feature Garden this month. And until flying abroad becomes the norm again, we bring holiday vibes with our Mallorca-based portfolio from Mashamba Design, amongst other inspirational projects.

So take a break and enjoy the issue here.

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