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Pro Landscaper March 2022

by | 01 Mar 22 | Digital Editions, News

Pro Landscaper Magazine

This is the third annual Green Issue of Pro Landscaper dedicated to the industry’s approach to becoming more environmentally friendly. The jam packed 140-page issue is full of discussion, innovation, and all things sustainable.

As concern rises for the significant amount of greenwashing in the works, garden designer Rachel Bailey discusses the need for companies to lower their carbon footprint, and why she is determined for her design practice to be as green as possible.

It has become increasingly apparent over recent years that a roadmap to sustainability is far from anything simple. With the effects of climate change showing up around us, the industry is certainly under pressure. This month, we include a UK Landscape Barometer Special on sustainability and ask suppliers about how far they are going to be green. With a whopping 80% stating they are going above and beyond to be environmentally friendly, what measures are they taking?

It is important to note it’s not just suppliers under pressure, clients may be asking similar questions to garden designers and landscapers too. We find out from some of the industry’s most successful landscape and garden design companies about what they do to tackle waste on site – creating functional design, keeping tight on your orders and getting creative with waste are just a few of the great solutions offered.

In our Let’s Hear It From, James Hitchmough talks about his vast experience inspiring the next generation of landscape architects, how he shifts traditional views to a deeper ecological focus, and the multitude of projects he’s got on the drawing board – despite 2022 being his retiring year!

Although a roadmap to sustainability may not be clear-cut, nor easy, one thing definite is that we have got to work together to make difference. Trial and error is certainly key in moving towards positive changes in the years ahead.

Click here to read the March issue.

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