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Pro Landscaper’s Lockdown Little Interview – Ann Rowland

Pro Landscaper’s Lockdown Little Interview with…Ann Rowland – Landscape Perspective


So you’re self-isolating…who’s your favourite person to be locked up with?
Myself! Seriously the whole family is fine…no one has killed anyone yet…

Name one thing that’s changed about your daily routine that you’re going to take forward after lockdown’s over?
Get the family to do more round the house so I don’t have to get up at 6am to get it all done before work…

How many cups of tea/coffee are you now drinking per day?
Same number, 2 coffees 1 tea, but more biscuits…oh dear…

Best new Netflix/boxset series or book you’ve discovered?
Currently watching Ozark which came out in 2017 but I had never heard of it. Reading a book called ‘The Signature of All Things’ by Elizabeth Gilbert. It’s a novel about a botanist in early 19th century, I am loving it!

What do you miss most about life before lockdown?
Horse riding, seeing progress of projects on site, seeing friends, eating out, going to my gym, maybe not in that order…

DIY vs gardening – which wins?
Gardening every time.

What time is wine o’clock?
6pm, always has been and always will!

When working from home is your background choice radio/tv/silence?
Silence unless I am drawing, and then it’s Spotify.

In hindsight, what would you have prepared in advance (ie food/diy products etc)
I would have ordered more compost, herb seeds and Flash wipes for the house.

Is the government doing a good job of keeping you informed?
Yes, but as a small limited company I am not going to get any financial help which is disappointing.

What’s your predicted date for return to normality?
I work from home anyway, I have a beautiful office, so working from home is my normal but I don’t think life will ever be truly ‘normal’ again. Maybe September is realistic for some normality if my son gets to go back to school.

Best new follow on social media?
‘Tired ‘N Tested’ a comedian/mum from Liverpool, she is hilarious…daily blogs about home schooling on Facebook and Instagram. Great light relief.

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